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Career, Finance, and Entrepreneurship - 60 Minutes

Career, Finance, and Entrepreneurship - 60 Minutes

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Career decisions are some of the most important decisions in life.  The often feel weighty and sometimes overwhelming.  Maybe you feel:

  • Uncertain to the right career path for you
  • Unfulfilled in your current work
  • Curious about your vocational purpose
  • Confused by too many choices
  • Stuck without clear direction
  • Hopeful about finding a meaningful path

These are a few of the things my clients have gained clarity about during during my career and finance consutations.  Helping you pursue a meaningful career that brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose is my favorite thing to do!

Our two part reading will begin with an analysis of your birthchart and natal promise around career, entrepreneurial markers, money and finance, education and life path with a deep dive into multiple career and finance indicators in your natal chart and their relationship to one another.

The second half hour will focus on using the insight we've gained from natal analysis to create and action plan, incorporating predictive techniques for the year ahead to help you consider the best steps to take and time frames to help you gain a sense of 

  • your most promising career options
  • what drives and motivates you to make a difference in the world
  • confidence in your talents, skills, and abilities
  • Your purpose, passion, and ambitions
  • how to maximize your relationship with money and finances
  • real, actionable, steps you can take to achieve your goals
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