The Art of Ancient Astrology

The Spiritual Language of Fate, Freewill, and The Cosmos

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The Art of Ancient Astrology is an in depth introduction to the fundamentals, philosophy, techniques, and practice of ancient astrology. Intentionally structured for beginner and amateur students, this experience will make the sophisticated language of astrology approachable, relevant, and relatable.

The Art of Ancient Astrology Mentorship

  • 24 Live Webinar Discussions Led By Eliana
  • Cohort Specific Discord Server
  • Interactive Workshops and Chart Reading Demos
  • Downloadable Handouts and Materials
  • Study and Learning Aids
  • Recommended Readings
  • Optional Homework Assignments and Quizzes
  • Download and keep all mentorship class and workshop recordings
  • Optional Workbook
  • Hundreds of Chart Examples
  • Discussion based learning and study groups
  • Basic Business Coaching and Suggested Materials
  • Optional End Of Course Assessment and Certification

8 Months. 2 Semesters.
24 Live Discussion Based Meetings

  • Foundations, History, And Philosophy

    Who invented astrology?
    How were meanings assigned?
    How do I even read this chart?

    This unit provides a foundational overview of basic astronomical concepts and symbols and and overview of the anatomy of a natal chart as well, as the origins, history, and philosophical foundations of ancient astrology.

  • The Seven Traditional Planets

    What are the planets and what do they represent?
    How do the planets influence an individual brith chart?
    How do I determine the most positive and negative planets in a chart?

    The foundation of astrology lies in the understanding of the planets. This unit will focus on concepts such as sect, benefic & malefic, and significations, as well as planetary motion, traditional and outer planets, and lunar nodes.

  • The Zodiac

    What is the Zodiac? What is its purpose and significance?
    What are the characteristics of each zodiac sign?
    Cardinal? Fixed? Mutable? What does that even mean?

    In this section we will focus on the meaning of each of the twelve signs, the Thema Mundi and planetary domiciles, and we will discuss important concepts such as polarity, modality, and elemental qualities of each of the signs

  • Aspects

    What are the different types of aspects?
    What are the influences of aspects?
    How are aspects used in predictive astrology?

    Aspects in astrology can reveal the interplay between different planetary energies. Each aspect has its own distinct energy and influence. In this unit we explore the 5 traditional aspects, overcoming aspects, hurling rays, and hidden aspects such as antic.

  • Houses and Ascendant

    Why Whole Sign Houses?
    Why are the astrological significations of each house?
    What are the angles and why are they important?

    This unit will demonstrate how to use the hour marker, or ascendant to calculate the whole sign houses. We will discuss the topical significations of each house, as well as angular houses and triads, good and bad houses, and house systems and divisions.

  • Dignities and Planetary Conditions

    What are essential and accidental dignities?
    What are Bonification and Maltreatment?
    How does dignity and condition impact the expression of a planet?

    Planetary dignity and condition impacts both the nature of planetary expression and its strength. This section will combine discussion of planetary rulerships and joys with condition indicators such as adherence, enclosure, engagement, and reception.

  • Nodes, Lots, & Outter Planets

    What are the Lunar Nodes?
    What are the Lots?
    Can modern/outer planets be integrated into hellenistic practice?

    This unit integrates important mathematical points on the chart that are used both predictively and in interpretation of the natal chart. In addition we will re-introduce the concept of the outer planets and how they might be read in a natal chart.

  • Practice and Reading

    How do I tie all these concepts together when reading a chart?

    How do I effectively communicate and counsel my clients?
    How can I successfully and ethically build an astrology practice?

    Our final unit will focus on bringing all of our information together and integrating it into the practical reading of a natal chart. Students will observe live readings, participate in reading workshops, and will receive introductory instruction to building an entreprenerial practice.

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8 Month Mentorship : The Art of Ancient Astrology

8 Month Mentorship : The Art of Ancient Astrology

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