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Live Eclipse Workshop

Live Eclipse Workshop

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Live Via Zoom: October 13, 2023.  6:00 pm central

The Eclipse Workshop is a live zoom based workshop for those who want to learn how to understand eclipses.  This workshop will teach you the basic astronomical principles that result in eclipses, the meanings associated with solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, the philosophical and astrological foundations that allow us to make predications based upon the eclipse cycle - and how you can apply it all to your birth chart.

During this workshop you will be introduced to:

  • The Nodes of The Moon
  • Solar and Lunar Orbit
  • The significance of the lunar nodes in the birthchart
  • Interpretation of the nodes by sign and house placement
  •  Transits involving the nodes
  • Progressions and the nodes
  • How the lunar nodes influence life events and personal growth
  • Partial, Total, and Annular Eclipses
  • The interpretation of eclipses in the birthchart
  • Eclipse transits to personal planets
  • Eclipse interpretation by zodiac sign and house topic

This workshop will include live birthchart demonstrations, discussion based instruction, and a question and answer session at the end.  Workshop attendees is will feel more confident about the meaning and significance of the lunar nodes, eclipse transits, and interpretation in their own birth chart and others.

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