September Forecast - The Empress, The Creatrix, and The Guerrilla

September Forecast - The Empress, The Creatrix, and The Guerrilla

September 2023

  • 9/3 - Venus Stations Direct in Leo
  • 9/4 - Jupiter Stations Retrograde in Taurus
  • 9/6 - Mercury Retrograde Cazimi in Virgo
  • 9/14 - New Moon in Virgo
  • 9/15 - Mercury Stations Direct in Virgo
  • 9/23 - Sun Ingresses Libra
  • 9/29 - Full Moon in Aries

Venus Direct

After her extended journey through the sign of Leo, Venus steps fully into her power in Leo with a long awaited direct station at 12 degrees Leo in an active square to Jupiter in her own sign of Taurus.  Venus's journey through the underworld has been fraught with challenges, revisions, exposures, and maybe even some identify crisis.  But she has emerged from the journey victorious, her robes as glorious as ever, her crown gleaming.  Venus is now the morning star, brilliantly shining and radiant in her fully power on the horizon just before sunrise.

The morning star Venus is traditionally considered more empowered and active, masculine in the philosophical sense, and, newly emerged from the underworld, she reborn, renewed, and reinvigorated.  With reception from Jupiter who is occupying her home sign this Direct and Morning Start Venus bestows the fullness of her Venusian beneficence on the fixed signs and to me this feels like the grandiose entrance of the Queen enthroned in the Spendor of the Sunrise.

Archetypes and Keywords:  The Empress, the Queen, The Matriarch, The Debutant, Female Empowerment, Redemption of Women, Restoration, Wrongs Righted, Public Elevation, The Charmed Life, Celebrity, Moment in the Sun, Social Harmony, Celebrations

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter continues it's transit through the fertile earth of Taurus, turning retrograde on September 4th as Venus continues to remain in a long duration two degree square to Jupiter.  This uniquely long aspect manifests in Venus' transit through Leo, but also influences Jupiter as it returns to some previously covered ground in Taurus influenced by the newly reborn and empowered Venus.  With reception to it's host, its likely that this retrograding Jupiter (which occurs for approximately four months every year) will prompt us to view our material world through a more philosophical or spiritual lens.

Jupiter may raise serious questions about materialism, wealth, or finances or it may bring a higher minded dimension to our interaction with the world in order to find comfort, pleasure, or satisfy the senses. Individuals and even global economies could experience a period of reflection, prompting a reassessment of spending habits, financial plans, and long-term investments. And Jupiter's introspective retrograde period encourages us to consider more deeply what truly brings fulfillment on both material and emotional levels.

Taurus, as the exaltation of the moon, also emphasizes the home life, the home environment, and the family.  Juptier's influence in this area could prompt us to examine what is most important to our lives and make adjustments to accommodate what we judge most valuable, perhaps inspiring us to accent the home environment with elements that bring comfort, beauty, or inspiration.  Personal values around work/life balance, family, and home life may also come up for review.

Keywords and Archetypes:  The Creatrix, The Feathered Nest, Eden, Home and Haven, The Hostess, The Farmer, Selective Simplicity, Refinement, Simple Pleasures, The Artisan, The Green Thumb, The Economist, The Home Economist, Value Shift, Homesteading, Community Investment, Flowers in Bloom, The Elegant Table, The Interiors Designer, The Spa Day, Luxury Examined, The Aesthetic Value


Mercury Rx and Cazimi in Virgo

Mercury retrograde and within 15 degrees of the sun would usually be considered combust, or burned up.  Its power blunted and it's energy weakened.  But in its own sign, Mercury is in its chariot, protected from the suns eclipsing rays retaining its power.  So while the retrograde is in full effect, we are not seeing the combustion of Mercury looming to exacerbate the situation.  

A Cazimi is a condition that occurs when a planet aligns within a one degree conjunction with the Sun - Medieval astrologers considered this to be a moment of empowerment in the "heart of the sun."  Mercury will be Cazimi in Virgo on September 6 and we are likely to see this moment as a defining moment or turning point in the overall them of this retrograde cycle.

It is interesting is that there is a broad opposition by Saturn while Mercury is empowered and approaching a Cazimi moment with the Sun. In analytical Virgo we may see Saturn influencing mercury through an overly critical or judgmental lens.  Meanwhile the Cazimi empowerment of Mercury making an opposition to Saturn may expose lies or scandal, potentially of Solar figures like fathers, celebrities, politicians or organizational leaders.  In this Exalted State I don't think Saturn can fool Mercury - and with tension between them by opposition, the curtain may be pulled back on some of Saturns hidden dealings with Mercury peering through the Piscean Waters and Neptunian veil and proclaiming what it finds with full support from the Sun.

New Moon In Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo occurs as Mercury stations direct in Virgo marking the seeding of something or new beginnings as it's host prepares to traverse the ground it has already covered.  Expect at this point for most if not all to be revealed, thoroughly examined by analytical Virgo, and new solutions to get underway.

Full Moon In Aries

Mars is in Libra is in its exile as the Full Moon in Aries forms September 29. This may induce this full moon period to take a sarcastic, caustic, or passive aggressive tone.  Debilitated Mars takes aim at it's target through social aggression and while it very well may be seeking justice in Libra, it is likely to act as a long ranger rather than proper court.  Venus in it's third square to Uranus influences the full moon as Mars' host planet making this a volatile and unpredictable moment for uprising, conflict, or resistance.  Mars in Libra wants social justice.  It is an advocate, but if justice cannot be obtained through straightforward means, it is happy to extract it by whatever means necessary.

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